Our Vision: Empowering Youths

Our Vision: Empowering Youths to Write Their Personal Success Stories

Ever wondered what makes successful people tick? While each of them are successful in their own unique way, there are certain qualities that define them: a clear idea of who they are; and a clear vision of the positive change they want to create in the world around them. ‘Find Your Ikigai’ is a new programme to help you write your personal narrative of success and empower you to achieve it.
— Christopher Gordon, Programme Founder and Chairperson of the Eurasian Association’s Youth Committee


Find Your Ikigai: Finding happiness, success and fulfilment in life


The word “Ikigai” is a Japanese word which means “a reason for being” or “the things that make one’s life worthwhile”.

First launched in 2016 by the Eurasian Association Youth Committee as a mentorship programme for Eurasian youth, its goal was to help youth to have a clear vision of who they are, their passion and life purpose and empower them to write their own personal success narrative where they can become positive change makers in the world.

In partnership with our main programme partners (South West Community Development Council, Young NTUC, GrowthBeans and the Golden Space) and our supporting outreach partners (Chinese Development Assistance Council, Mendaki Club and SINDA Youth Club), we will be expanding the programme to benefit youth of all races. 

This is a comprehensive programme conducted by experienced and certified professionals.  It comprises a variety of unique and non-traditional elements such as small – group life coaching and mindfulness sessions, human library stories, specialised workshops (e.g. study skills, CV and resume writing, interview skills), culminating in the exclusive opportunity to network with young professionals in your chosen field of interest and  to have one – on – one mentorship under the tutelage of an industry mentor.    

Join the programme now to uncover your personal secrets to success and write your own Ikigai, your personal success story.


Brought to you by Eurasian Association, South West Community Development Council and Young NTUC