Youth Empowerment Programme


What makes you jump out of bed, excited to face the world every day? To find that is to find your Ikigai - the things important to you that makes life worthwhile. Join us to find your Ikigai now!



What makes individuals like Steve Jobs, Lee Kuan Yew and Joseph Schooling so successful in their fields? Our life coaches and mindfulness facilitators will help you to unlock your pathway to success.



Become the best version of yourself with our neuro-linguistic programming and mindfulness workshops. Polish up your CV writing and interview skills to leave a lasting impression, and pick up some useful life hacks to improve your mental focus and work productivity.

Career Networking

Network with top young professionals in your field of interest, and pick up vital tips and tricks about the industry. Sow the seeds of success by building meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.

Career Mentorship

An exclusive opportunity to have a one – on – one mentorship under the tutelage of an industry expert, who will help you develop your professional career as you pen your own success story





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Empower yourself and embark on a journey of success.
Find your Ikigai.